Redeeming our Estates

Our inheritance (estate) is our divine right to live in a state of grace, or heaven on earth. We have leveraged all of that into the world of limited liability and non-accountability. As we redeem ourselves, we redeem our inheritance and right to live in a state of grace.– JT McBride

chair5By default, the Vatican presumed the position of the primary trustee of the Global Estate Trust by the apostolic succession from Peter. Eventually it designated the Universal Postal Union (UPU), as the secondary trustee. The Vatican in concert with the Crown of the City of London do not own anything, but they have successfully presumed management over the entire earth and ownership of the souls of all Peoples by implementing laws of world commerce under Vatican presumed authority. Unchallenged for centuries, the global estate trust (the People, the earth and all of her resources) has been under the de facto dominion of the Dark Side, operating in the world of commerce and legal fictions under the Vatican and the Crown until March 2010.

In spring of 2010, two extraordinary changes occurred: 1) The Vatican surrendered the Seal of Saint Peter and the Keys to the Treasury for the Redemption of the estates in original jurisdiction to JT McBride. And 2), In America, the Federal Reserve banking cartel’s private contract for its base funding [allegedly] expired.

Every governmental official and officer in America is a trustee under the Vatican and Crown, down to the governors in the states. There is a specific hierarchy on how the global estate trust is administered based on trust law, which is simple and clear — black and white — it is not opinions.

JT McBride documented the Trustees’ breach of fiduciary duty to the Creator step-by-step to the top of the commercial heirarchy (the Vatican and Crown) calling them to cure the breach and proclaiming their dishonor in obstructing the bankruptcy of the United States. He then filed claim on the abandonment of the Office of Postmaster General for North America (de jure), and sent it to the Universal Postal Union who forwarded it to the Vatican for response. The surprising response was that JT McBride received the Keys to the Treasury for the redemption of the Estates in original jurisdiction (not the legal fiction or commerce world) from the Vatican. (Listen to introductory audios for JT McBride’s narrative.)

The Black Pope stepped down from his position as Global Estate Trustee on the Private Side in Original Jurisdiction. JT McBride was given the Keys of Saint Peter which confer the authority of The Chair of Saint Peter, whom the Vatican unquestionably obeys. JT McBride then began to assist the trusteeship to shift away from centuries-old assumptions (since 1666) that We the People are dead/deceased, and other false assumptions/ presumptions that have been adversely affecting us under rampant corporate and commercial national and world statutory constructs. Shortly thereafter we are witnessing great changes in the Vatican and Crown that are becoming increasingly more visible to the public.

Until JT McBride called the Vatican and Crown on their breach of trust via the world legal/commercial court system, they were not accountable, responsible, or obligated to bring a cure to their breach of fiduciary duty to the Creator — to administer the Global Estate Trust for the People’s benefit. The Catholic Church was built on the shoulders of Saint Peter, and the Vatican has been the one-world government or trusteeship in the disguise of a church, empowered by the Seal of Saint Peter. The Pope was the successor to Peter as long as the Divine Spirit was absent. The Divine Spirit has now returned through our conscious reclamation and understanding of who we are, as Sons and Daughters of God; and by the courageous calling-to-account of their fiduciary duty that the Dark Side had compromised and breached from the beginning of the current era by JT McBride.

The ‘Keys of Peter’ is an 800-plus-year-old brass wax seal, about 3.5 inches tall, weighs about 8 ounces and is quite intricate. It had been on deposit in the Vatican since 1802. It is inscribed with the words: “You are Peter, the servant of God.” One one side are the Keys to the Kingdom. On another side an open hand of benevolence with a heart in the palm. It is the Keys to open the treasuries in the benevolent manner they were originally intended to be administered. The Seal was accompanied with a letter that stated: “You are Peter and my job now is done.” [See the recent 20/20 segment with Jaemes McBride to view the seal.}

The estates remain in original jurisdiction. We The People were removed from our estates and our divine right of use, through layers of commerce and corporate structure/veils. The letter continued: “You now have awakened and know who you are — the Divine Spirit having a human experience — and you now have the control over the Global Trust in original jurisdiction.”

The challenge and duty of Divine Province is to reconstruct that trusteeship in original jurisdiction, piercing the corporate veil for the People and bringing them back to reality: to understanding and awareness that We Are Divine Spirit, to receive and inhabit our estates in peace, gratitude, accountability, stewardship, and integrity.

jefferson-on-national-debtTo redeem our estates and discharge the debt (attached to each estate via United States bankruptcy in 1933, along with current corporate federal debt): In choosing to become a member of Divine Province and executing entry documents on the parent website, those documents are sent instantly to the highest level of the system: to the Crown, Vatican, the Governor General of Canada which controls the United States corporate structure. This constitutes notice that the new member is alive, has the capacity to redeem their estate, and has moved out of the unconscious role (constructed and presumed by powers that were) as an enemy of the global estate.

14 Responses to Redeeming our Estates

  1. laurie says:

    To know who I am is empowering in the most delightful way. To re-establish myself and have documentation to let it be known to the highest, is me, returning to my creator.

    • rrglare says:

      Yes indeed! In our study group we read the DP documents to each other and gain deeper affirmation every time we do. This new nation marks a shift in consciousness to a freer perspective, and a relaxing into core truth which can only bless and empower our lives, and aid the earth to heal.

  2. H. R. Puffin Stuff says:

    I don’t see any way to so much as look at these documents without buying a paid membership. I don’t see any reason to pay for something i can’t see. Also i don’t use money as much as possible, i certainly don’t use electric money. I’d like to be free and live in peace but seem to have hit quite a big wall in this process. The free membership doesn’t seem to offer anything. And what’s up with having to pay more money every year. I want to be free not a slave to working for money. I can’t grow money from the ground. I understand processing has it’s costs but still, what’s with the annual head tax?

  3. I believe that the more and more cases of breech of trust are documented the sooner this whole thing will turn around. So it behooves you to assist your neighbor to help get this accomplished.

  4. I think that cute little revolving globe is the coolest thing.

  5. rrglare says:

    I agree with you, Joan, and thank you! Look forward to seeing you next time we’re in the same place … :)

  6. laurie says:

    Hi, I am a member of the divine province and have been for two years. If you go to you may read A LOT about what this entails, without being a member. Also, may I remind you….this is a process…it takes time, patience and positive thoughts…yes it is difficult to have one foot in each world but you must stand your ground and be patient knowing that each step is a step closer to your freedom…the money situation is changing but until it has processed we need to continue to move forward without complaint. If this causes a problem in you thoughts and actions then maybe you should gather more information and return at another time..peace…laurie

  7. romulus david says:

    How does one obtain a password in order to gain access to the “introductory” information ?

  8. somebody in washington is hitting on our stuff right now, it’s about 8:42 pm, on tuesday night , in MPLS.

  9. Tammy says:

    Its starts out with everything is a trust and I agree yes everything is a trust and is in a trust for we the people. Problem is that this information is posted in the PUBLIC and that is comingling the PRIVATE with the PUBLIC and its doomed to fail. The Public needs to exist for those not willing to grow up and take responsibility and that still need to be under the Guardian and Ward Relationship created for to take care of them. Even though McBride has the seal, he is commingling !! NOT GOOD AT ALL! ITS A BREACH OF THE PRIVATE TRUSTS!!

    • rrglare says:

      I appreciate your opinion and expression. JT McBride is a Trustee of the Global Trust and liaison between the Public and Private.

  10. Patricia says:

    Hello, can I get someone from Minnesota Divine Province to contact me asap? Thanks!

    • rrglare says:

      Patricia, feel free to send me an email at “” and I’ll respond privately.

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